Serious About Social

A full day event where we cover the ins and outs of social media in the church. We will explore how our tradition requires us to take the good news where the people are and the practical tools you need to be successful doing it. A fun, informative, and interactive experience that covers the basics of using social media and more advance topics like paid advertising and value of Podcasting. Great for pastors, church administrators, outreach and evangelism teams.

Let's Do Something

A full day event for one or more ministry teams in your local church. We start by clearly defining the purpose of the ministry then move to creating well defined phases for its future development. Each phase has its own "Wildly Important Goal" that must met, which keeps people motivated to move forward.


Check out our Zoom based webinar offerings. Perfect for those who are looking for an affordable and accessible way to receive high quality training. Don't see an opportunity that fits your need? Contact me and let me know what you are looking for.



Become an All Access Member

I am constantly adding on-demand content including recordings of recent seminars/webinars. You will get access to this growing library for a full year and are welcome to share the information with others in your local church. As a member you can also request new resources based on your needs.




I offer Individual and group coaching. Typical arrangement is one (1) hour a month for a minimum of six (6) months.

The focus of coaching is on the achieving of goals set by those being coached. We work together to identify the most important goals you need to achieve in the current phase of your ministry.

As a coach my focus is on asking good questions that, in turn, keep those I’m working with focused on the important goals they have set for themselves. All around us is a consistent whirlwind of things that occupy our time. Some of these things are the important day-to-day work of ministry. Others are distractions and temptations that consume our time and resources. My goal is to provide a space where the goals important to the success of the person and their ministry can be front and center. 

Please contact me with any questions or to make an appointment to discuss your needs.



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