The largest and fasting growing religious group is those that answer “none” to religious preference. They are not against church, or faith, or God. They are indifferent. And overcoming indifference takes a different set of tools than most churches today are practiced with. Thankfully new church starts have been working on this issue for years and they have important things to share with every existing church.

Witness Your Why is full of inspiration and practical advice to jump start outreach and evangelism in your church.

Jeremy Scott tackles the dreaded "E" word in honest and practical ways. Guaranteed to make evangelism a more approachable concept for church goers today.

Rev. AJ Bush - Pastor First UMC Gillette, Wyoming "Witness Your Why"

The Rev. Scott's "Witness Your Why" is the book the church has needed for years. It makes the scary "e" word (evangelism) approachable by presenting it in a practical and applicable way while teaching its importance. I can't wait to walk through this book with my congregation so that we can more deeply serve and be a part of our community in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Rev. Nathan Adams - Pastor Park Hill UMC Denver, Colorado "Witness Your Why"